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Fic: The Misadventures of Sumia and Robin

and their reluctant sidekick Cordelia

Whatever false anger the girls joked around before seems to have left. It is accurate to say the currently pregnant Robin has finally entered the dreaded months of mood swings, only instead of anger she fell into constant depression. That and apparently Robin also thinks Chrom is a whore. Perhaps not a whore as whore requires payment and according to Robin, Chrom will provide such services for free.”


I fic’ed and its a comedy

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Hey yeah.
You know this talented artist? Also, just as rad on tumblr?

I gots some super cute TimKara drawings on my DA from her. I didn’t even ask for them! *´∀`*

Oh man, I’m seriously fangirling so hard. That I’ve been gushing over this for like almost a good thirty minutes now. No really, she’s too talented. I can’t even begin to articulate a sentence atm.

Kyaaa you’re too kind X_X *dies

>3< you deserve a lot more lovin for keeping making me love Kara

>:3 keep up the good up!

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PreReboot Tim Dick and Damian



He’s sick of it because Tim swears he hears the comparison to Jason as often as getting thrown into the glass case.


I’m gonna reblog this.

Because it irks me as much as well.

(also, unpopular opinion, but Dicks kind of an moron if he thinks Tim and Damians situation is the same as his and Jason and Jason and Tims. dear god, bruce’s stupid must have rubbed off on him.)

>w< Tim fans unite! I am also a Dick fan so I think I should explain a bit.

I don’t think Dick believes Tim and Damian is the equivalent of his relationship with Jason. Its more like Dick knows exactly what needed to be done. I think it was completely right Damian needed to be Robin. I think it was incredibly difficult for Dick to let Tim understand especially when Dick was suffering pressure from Bruce’s death too.

He’s trying to connect to Tim by reminding Tim he knows exactly what being ‘replaced' feels. And Dick knows he’s responsible for Tim kicked out of the nest. But the thing is, Tim eventually does understand and he does accept the fact he’s outgrown the role. Its just Damian’s being a dick about it. So in a sense yes the next step is just to not let Damian’s attitude bother him especially when Damian no longer go out of his way to provoke Tim. (Damian feels his position in the family secure and doesn’t lash out as much, I think deconstructing Damian was really awesome at explaining this)

As much as Dick loves Damian I do think he favors Tim more. Damian is a brat and Dick endures Damian. Dick accepts Damian but it doesn’t make lil D less of a annoying kid brother. Tim on the other hand was the amiable one. Of course Damian knows Dick favors Tim and Tim thinks Dick is doting Damian. And Bruce regards Tim closer as a equal. Bruce trusts Tim and still looks as Damian as a child he has a responsibility to raise.

(I think Bruce Tim Damian relation is complicated as well because Tim thinks Damian skipped the earn Bruce’s trust step when really it starts as obligation)

This may be a reason Damian still targets Tim because he doesn’t see Tim as another source of position/stability/comfort.  Instead Tim is still competition though not lethally threatening.

Dick is special in the case he can be the emotional pillar of his friends which is why he is the most trusted person, and best leader of DCU. Tim’s problem is too close to home because Tim and Dick is very very similar. They comfort each other and have trouble emotionally on the similar problems. Its hard not to feel hypocritical when they help each other. Basically there’s a lot of good intention and a lot of Brain Farting X:

nooo timm don’t use the laz pits of doom

derp of course id use it to get my parents back lol who wouldnt

noo Dick! Batman doesn’t hate u he luvs u

lskd I’m sick of his shat goodbye fiveever 

I do think Dick had the responsibility as an older brother to be more emotion sensitive with Tim. Donna dies and Titans AND Young Justice disbands. You don’t see that happening when Kon died.  Its not Dick’s fault but he didn’t help the matter. There’s always more someone can do more and Dick was in a position to do the most good.


sorry just a little rant on Dick. Its great to talk to Tim fans >3< I just didn’t want to misrepresent Dick

Don’t Compare Anyone to Jason in front of Tim

He’s sick of it because Tim swears he hears the comparison to Jason as often as getting thrown into the glass case.


Jason and Steph

Every time someone makes the comparison it pisses the hell out of Tim. Its almost always used in a negative context. Apparently people associate recklessness or being a bad robin to Jason.

Batman claimed Steph’s recklessness involved with her 'death'. Hence the comparison with Jason stuck.

But Tim knows Steph isn’t pure recklessness and neither was Jason.

Tim remembers how they lived with more clarity than himself.  He remembers when Steph calls out her mom’s terrible parenting. There is a barrier between the two because Steph knows her mom and her douche dad were horrible at raising her.

Tim had trouble understanding his problem with his dad where as Steph saw everything clearly.  In fact even when Tim knows Bruce is being a dick, he doesn’t know how to deal with it! Hence why he discussed his problems with Steph so much. Steph is tired of your BullShit Mr Wayne! She knows you’re a Shitty parent too!

Jason thought his mom was his world. Tim feels he isn’t as loyal because  betrayed his mom and dad for Robin. We never explored Tim’s relationship with Janet but the key is Tim doesn’t know he has the ability to be as loyal as Jason can. I very much believe Tim admired that trait about Jason and learned that Jason’s final moments was not an act of recklessness but an act of love. Tim eventually understood he would risk his life against Batman’s orders to save anyone of his friends. He is willing to collaborate with friken Lex Luthor to save Kon.

Tim saved Ariana with Huntress when it was a definite NO from Batman. But back then he didn’t understand the significance. 


Dick sometimes gets flash of Jason from Damian.

While Dick sees himself in Tim. Dick’s always regret not doing more with Jason because his relationship with Bruce at that time was down the rabbit hole. So Dick tries to get Tim to bond with Damian. Dick thinks the main problem is Damian’s brat behavior and once Tim over looks that they’ll get along. because technically Tim got over being replaced if only Damian didn’t rub it in every 10 seconds

They’d be at Dinner and Alfred made food that’s beyond delicious and Damian would be the only one to complain. Damian would eat it but not finish. And its a really small deal but Tim knows how much a stale loaf of bread was worth to Jason. Jason was on the streets starving. They see it on patrol every night. The sight of not appreciating food, I mean Alfred’s food!

It tears Tim’s heart to pieces because Damian is being a ungrateful bastard. In more than one way taking things for granted. Dick would be in response:You know I had a hard time accepting Jason when I came back to the manor. I know he’s acting like a brat but…blah blah

Its just Bruce didn’t take Jason in and give him the role because they were related. Jason didn’t get a fancy upbringing with jets and islands as birthday gifts. Sure they both had an attitude but surely Jason appreciated being Robin more than Damian. Even more so appreciate being a son more than Damian. Bruce is actively trying to be a good dad to Damian and lol when did he do that with Tim? This lack of appreciation is the wound and Damian’s attitude is the salt.

Tim knows how much Jason responded to Bruce because Bruce would go Jason was the best before Jay came back ebil. jason was so great. You should leave Tim. I don’t need you Tim. Jason jason jason why are you still here Tim Cough


Batman and Bruce compares Tim alllll the tiimmmeee

Its absolutely terrible. Jason was great. Jason is ebil. You’re not Jason. Self explanatory, seriously flip through tumblr.

;A; baby it’ll be alright!


Tim often compares himself to Jason but it wasn’t always negative.

In the beginning of Tim’s Robining he even comments how he hopes to be As Good as Jason. Sometimes he wonders what Jason felt to ‘replace’ Dick. The whole am I a bad Robin???  

He got over it

The whole, didn’t listen to Batman business gets old once you realize listening to Batman might end up with a fate worse than death. (a life with no love or trust)


next on Tim, don’t mention Tim’s sex life! because they’re evil or dead or never appearing post reboot / voted out of existence 

need to start posting again

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Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Dating Sim Demo

Video of Fantasy Hearts Event Demo
The Demo is has some bugs and its going through testing. 
You can find the current version here : http://www.mediafire.com/?a5vs7s67nbzpiyz

Instructions! open the zip run the exe click on readme for more control options you can ignore everything else

For news and updates regarding KHFH follow:
KHFH.tumblr.com or KHFH.deviantart.com
You can also ask questions to c2ii.deviantart.com

If you like FF or KH, wish me luck on my dating sim project! (maybe I’ll make a short VN/rpg for Robins one day)

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Prompt Fill: Heartbreaking


Prompt from c2ii: Would you mind writing a fic where The family finds a DVD of Jason’s school play when Jay. And he was really really good. Bruce had Bat work and missed it. Jason was Gavorche. The whole family san Jason watches it together not knowing what to expect and cue the heartbreak. ;v;

I made this Bruce and Tim since I thought it worked better, because it would be before Jason “returned.” I hope you like it:

                Tim finds the tape buried somewhere deep in the cupboards, wrapped up in brown paper and bubble wrap.

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<3 <3 <3 You make me so happy on the inside. By happy I mean miserable. Its amazing in such short piece you can capture Tim’s relationship to Bruce and Jason.

For those who haven’t watched the theater version or the movie version…I highly encourage you do so! Les Miserables would certainly be Jason’s favorite musical; its too easy to compare Jason to any character ;v; 


“Timmy, please…”

Okay, Dick is so freaking adorable when he’s worried, that’s all I’m saying.

A great example of Tim taking care of Dick

opposing the stereotype he Needs Dick to take care of him. Tim appreciates the attention and needs the bond but if anything Tim is cool headed enough (most of the time) to protect himself (+ personwithhim).